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Sadanand Naimpalli

(An Engineer by Training, Musician by choice).

"Born in a family of music-lovers, Sadanand Naimpalli was motivated to take up some form of musical expression. Gifted as he was, with an uncanny sense of rhythm, it was only natural that he should take up to a percussion instrument viz: "Tabla." He found an ideal perceptor in Pandit Taranathji who lent free rein to the young boy's inherent capabilities.

It was not long before Sadanand blossomed into an accomplished Tabla player and was rightly hailed as a "Child Prodigy." He won the President's award for standing first at the All India Radio Competitions held on a National scale in 1963, when barely sixteen years old. Sadanand not only won fresh laurels at various music competitions but also began participating in various music conferences alongside-recognised stalwarts.


Sadanand's first visit abroad came at the tender age of seventeen years, when having been adjudged the most accomplished young Tabla player at the Inter University Youth Festival, he was selected by the Indian Government and UNESCO to tour Europe. Thereafter, he has had many more tours to the United States of America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Sadanand is a First Class Distinction Holder in the Bachelor of Engineering (Metallurgy) Degree examinations and has successfully run his own engineering enterprise, manufacturing high quality Non Ferrous Castings, before reverting his energies to his first love "Tabla". Having taken up Tabla after a lapse of almost twenty years, Sadanand, a "Born-again" Tabla player has carved a special position in the Pantheon of prominent Tabla players with his assiduous "Riyaz" and foremost of all, the blessings of his mentor, Pandit Taranath. Sadanand has accompanied a number of top musicians in their live concerts and also cassettes and long playing record albums. He has been a regular performer at all the premier music conferences all over India. A "TOP" graded artist of All India Radio (Akashvani) and T.V. (Doordarshan. Sadanand's Tabla solos on A.I.R. are eagerly awaited and listened to by an ever growing fan following. As a soloist, Sadanand has very few equals. It is scintillating experience for the listener to hear Tabla bols cascading from his deft fingers with crystal clarity and precision, Sadanand has numerous compositions to his credit. In addition to this, he has to-date composed four new Taals viz: Shani Taal of seven and a half beats; Nand Taal of eight and a half beats; Arpan Taal of nine and a half beats; and Ada Shut Taal of ten and a half beats; Gaurav Taal of (50 Matras).proof indeed--if it was ever in doubt-of the profoundity of his knowledge and complete mastery over the medium.

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